MDT the Producer

Writer Verse Creator


Born and raised in Chicago, IL, MDTthePRODUCER is the owner of WriterVerse, LLC, and production company MDT MUSIC, LLC. Multiple talents include recording, mix engineering, songwriting and music production. As a self taught music producer, MDT has helped many artists in the industry find their sound by coaching and creating consistent, yet versatile and melodic instrumentals structured in a way to take the artist to the next level. MDT has had the privilege of submitting a mass collection of instrumentals and written songs to many artists. With his raw talent and almost 2 decades of experience of creating catchy hooks and melodic instrumentals, MDT’s music and influence on those of his listeners has been a positive message…one of having a good time, having peace of mind, enduring in a time of desperation, and seeing things through despite negativity around the world. The primarily RnB/Soul producer has launched a number of successful campaigns to produce for multiple entertainment companies and multiple indie labels.


Writer verse is a collective of a talented team of writers, poets, digital creators, sound engineers, music producers and so much more. 

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