Professional mixing and mastering services  

Quick Turnaround. Radio Ready. Easy payment options.






2 Track Master 

1-5 Songs 



2 Track Master 

6+ Songs 



2 Track Mix and Master 

Tracked out Vocals       *No Stems for Beats-only 2 track-no more than 35 vocal stems



Full Mix and Master 

All stems Tracked out including Beat stems and Vocal stems-no more that 45 combined stems



*Additional services are mixing and/or mastering songs instrumentals, acapellas, etc.

Pro Vocal Demos

Do you need vocal recordings of your written song? Send us your idea and we'll get it done with a quick turnaround. See below for a list of equipment we use in our recording studio.

Interface: Apollo Twin X

Preamp Channel Strip: DBX 286S

Compressor: Art Pro VLA 2

Plug Ins: Waves, Izotope, Antares, UAD

Software: Studio One, Logic Pro, Reason

Keyboard: Arturia 88 Key

Mixer: Faderport 16

Studio Monitors: 2 M Audio Bx5 

Microphone: Shure SM7B with cloud lifter

Reflection shield: MicFuns MF1


Our team will write lyrics to compliment your voice and musical compositions. We will work with you to create a unique sound that will accurately depict who you are as a musician. 

Please feel out a form below for mixing & mastering and songwriting services.